STEREOGUM – “Harsh” track premiered

“The group’s blend of guitars, keyboards, drums, and loop pedals calls to mind everything from Slint to the Notwist to Menomena, which is to say it’s brainy, ethereal, and world-weary, but it’s anchored by a heart of gold. You’ll want to follow the lead single “Harsh” through to the finish as it evolves from an airy float into a gorgeous swoon.”

AD HOC – “Dead Girls” premiered
“Instead of appropriating older sounds for the “hey check out what bands we like” factor, the duo seems to be aiming for rock-literate expressionism. As indicated by the subtle pitch shift of the vocals late in the song, the Ardery and Myers are using several different musical languages to provoke several different feelings throughout the course of just a few minutes.”

STEREOGUM – “Dead Girls” shared

“It’s a slow and bluesy rager, and for a song about zombies, it has just the right amount of lurch to it. Even when it breaks down to just handclaps, this thing is thunderous, and that’s before the guitar coda comes crashing back.”

IMPOSE – “Harsh” track shared

“Lushes here have stitched together the search for the sweetest and softest degrees of silence in a song.”

CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND – “Harsh” track shared

Lushes is a post-punk band with a loose grip, but they still pack a heavy punch. With a melody made of guitar harmonics and clicking drum pattens, [“Harsh”] displays a hazy foundation manifested from looped pedal board effects, creating a haunting aura.”

AD HOC – premiered “One Right Word” video

“For the most part, the single “One Right Word” embraces a minimal aesthetic. Drums, guitar, and vocals are sparse and repetitive– a creative sort of droning psyche that’s interrupted by moments of cacaphonous rock.”